Welcome / Karibuni

Welcome to the site for the NIHR Global Health Group (Arthritis) Global Health Research Group on estimating the prevalence, quality of life, economic and societal impact of arthritis in Tanzania: A mixed method study at University of Glasgow.

Our Research

The aims of this research project are: to understand the distribution, lived experience, health and economic impact of inflammatory arthritis in referral hospital and selected community settings in Northern Tanzania.

This interdisciplinary, international research team seek to address the following questions:

  • Distribution: What is the prevalence, nature and cause(s) of joint pain/arthritis and the associated comorbidity for in patients population admitted at the regional referral hospital in Tanzania?
  • Distribution: What is the community level prevalence and socio-economic impact of the main forms of arthritis in Tanzania?
  • Lived Experience: How is arthritis understood by community members, health care professionals and patients in Tanzania?
  • Lived Experience: What is patient experience of living with joint pain/arthritis in Tanzania?
  • Health and Economic Impact: What instruments are best suited to measuring joint pain & valuing Quality of life (QOL), productivity impacts & health care resource use in Tanzania? Can those instruments be administered within a household survey?

  • Contact

    Any questions please contact Rebecca Stewart Project Co-ordinator on Rebecca.Stewart@glasgow.ac.uk